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Safeguard your San Francisco home using decorative paint

Paint is used both for decorative and preservative purposes. But applied in the right places and in the right colors, it can help reduce accidents in your San Francisco home by serving as a danger signal and making hazardous areas more visible.

Stripes are the best way to mark the top and bottom steps of basement stairs, using orange and black or black and white. First, paint the entire step the lighter color. When the paint has thoroughly dried, put on masking tape in the striped pattern and paint the exposed area black. The tape should not be stripped off until the paint his dried.

If one thinks that such a pattern will detract from the appearance of a finished basement or playroom, then he should paint the bottom step in a contrasting color that fits in with the general scheme and still highlights the danger.

Walls of dark, enclosed stairwells throughout the house should be painted white, ivory or yellow- the colors with the highest reflective power-and should be well illuminated. Dabbing the light switches with luminescent paint for easy location is also a good idea.

Where there are small children or elderly members of the household, it's wise to draw attention to all thresholds by applying floor enamel in a color to contrast with the surrounding floor colors. Garage doors that slide forward and up into the roof of the garage are head-bumpers. A bright hue painted along the bottom edge of the door will be a constant reminder of the hazard involved.

A driveway in the suburbs or country that is not lighted can be outlined by rocks painted with white or fluorescent paints. Gates and posts marking entranceway's can be indicated in the same manner.

Where there are low pipes that might spell trouble, they can be painted yellow, which has the highest visibility. And industry has learned that painting dark corners white tends to reduce the habit at tossing rags, papers and other litter into those corners.

Red should indicate where the home fire extinguisher is kept. Fuse boxes should be painted with light color or luminescent.

About The Author: James York is a painting and remodeling enthusiast. His website at offers simple yet practical ideas to help you with your redecorating and painting projects.


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